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Luxure Offerte A D’Autres (2017)

The world of lust and debauchery, cheating and enjoying the way someone has your other half-that’s what we’re looking for in this new film only for adults. The fantasies of couples, who initially find it difficult to admit to each other a desire to take on a member of another man, to share a passionate fantasy that you want to observe a member of another guy, will be translated into reality. Enjoy these forbidden dreams, the bodies of these luxury wives, who are willing to satisfy their husband’s sexual fantasies and their bodies by giving their body to other men.

Give something to someone, hand it to him as a gift. For a couple to endure, you have to know how to nurture the flame and passion of the first days. To achieve this, these young couples decided that in order to better appreciate the moments passes a two, they had to share their love with other partners. In the course of both perverted and sensual games, men do not hesitate to offer their companions to others.